2005年 第3回CAFフラメンココンクール奨励賞受賞
2009年 日本フラメンコ協会第18回新人公演奨励賞受賞

Yukiko Okuno started learning flamenco during her college years.  Since 2001, she has visited Spain many times to learn flamenco from Manuela Carrasco, Juana Amaya, the Familia Farruco, and various other artists.  In 2005, she won a prize at the 3rd CAF flamenco competition organized by MARUWA foundation.  As a prize, she got an opportunity to learn flamenco at Christina Heeren Fundación Arte Flamenco in Spain for a year, being supported by a grant from the foundation.  In 2009, she won a prize at the 18th ANIF Shinjinkoen New Artist Flamenco Competition.  In 2013, she performed at the Peña “El Gallo”, which is a traditional flamenco club in Moron de la Frontera, as the first Japanese flamenco dancer, and received many favorable reviews.  In January 2014, she performed at “Peña la Bulería” in Jerez, the home of flamenco, and received excellent reviews in the local newspapers.  
Currently, she is living in the Kansai area and teaches and performs throughout Japan.

2005 Prize at the 3rd CAF Flamenco Competition
2009 Prize at the 18th ANIF Shinjinkoen New Artist Flamenco Competition


2002年、映画『フラメンコ』に触発されスペインへ渡り、セビージャ、グラナダ、マドリッドでフラメンコを学ぶ。フラメンコ界のトップアーティスト、ファルキート/ファン・デ・ファンをはじめ多数のアーティストに師事。2011年フラメンコルネサンス21新人公演奨励賞受賞。2012年“ALMA FLAMENCA”結成。男性グループとしてバイラオール三枝雄輔、フラメンコギターデュオ徳永兄弟とともに全国を股にかけ活動。2014年夏スペイン舞踊振興MARUWA財団平成26年度助成事業作品として、『ALMA FLAMENCA“COMPADRE〜親友〜”』を上演。2015年にはフラメンコギタリスト 沖仁とともに『情熱大陸SPECIAL LIVE SUMMER TIME BONANZA’15』出演。沖仁CONCERT TOUR 2015 “Guitarra Flamenca”にもパルマ・バイレとして参加。2017年スペイン国際コンクール 第23回アニージャ・ラ・ヒターナ・デ・ロンダにて日本人男性舞踊手として優勝を果たす。2018年7月毎日放送『情熱大陸』出演。
2011年 フラメンコルネサンス21 新人公演奨励賞受賞
2017年 スペイン国際コンクール 第23回アニージャ・ラ・ヒターナ・デ・ロンダ優勝

In 2002, being inspired by a film “Flamenco” of Carlos Saura, Siroco moved to Spain to learn flamenco in Sevilla, Granada, and Madrid.  He learned from the top flamenco dancers as Farruquito, Juan de Juan, and various other artists.  In 2011, he won a prize at the 20th ANIF Shinjinkoen New Artist Flamenco Competition.  In 2012, he formed a group called “ALMA FLAMENCA” together with Yusuke Saegusa, a flamenco dancer, and Tokunaga Kyodai, a flamenco guitar duo, and they performed throughout Japan.  In summer 2014, the group gave a performance “ALMA FLAMENCA ~COMPADRE~ Best Friend”, which was supported by MARUWA foundation with a subsidy program of one year.  In 2015, he appeared in “Jonetsu Tairiku Special Live Summer Time Bonanza ’15”, with Jin Oki, a famous Japanese flamenco guitarist.  Also, he appeared in Oki’s concert tour 2015, “Guitarra Flamenca”, as a dancer and a percussionist.  Siroco has performed in Spain and received excellent reviews by the local newspapers.

2011 Prize at the 20th ANIF Shinjinkoen New Artist Flamenco Competition
2017 First prize at the 23rd Anilla la Gitana de Ronda, the international competition in Spain